Our Story

We are an established cleaning service and maintenance company, providing our cleaning expertise for the Great Toronto Area since 1993 and well-known for our reasonable rates, customized and high-quality cleaning services. We strive to develop a relationship with our clients and our dedicated team.

Classic 8 Cleaning & Maintenance provides light duty, heavy duty and detailed deep commercial cleaning in condominiums, highrise/lowrise  buildings and offices. We also offer janitorial and superintendent services from experienced and highly trained individuals.

Why Choose Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance?

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Classic 8 Cleaning Services provide industry-leading janitorial services that help businesses stay safe and clean. Our comprehensive approach to commercial cleaning ensures a spotless environment for customers and employees alike. From deep cleaning to routine maintenance, Classic 8 Cleaning Services will cater to the specific needs of any business. We use professional grade equipment to effectively remove dirt and dust from hard surfaces, carpets, windows, furniture, and more.

In addition to general janitorial services, we also offer preventive disinfection processes that are designed to protect against germs, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. We employ certified professionals who have been trained in the latest safety protocols and techniques used in this industry so customers can feel confident using our products and services. With such high standards of quality, it’s no wonder why Classic 8 Cleaning Services is known to be a true leader and one of the best commercial cleaning services in the GTA and Halton, Ontario areas.

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